Horizon Europe
Welcome to the Swedish launch of Horizon Europe - the EU framework program for research and innovation 2021-2027. The webcast took place on February 10, 2021, between 9:30 and 16:00.

During the day we had presentations and discussions that shed light on different parts and perspectives of Horizon Europe. We delve especially into the framework program as a political instrument and strategies for participation.

With Horizon Europe EU strengthens its political ambitions. Research and innovation will be used to realize political objective and address the global challenges facing the EU and the world. This must be done with the citizen at the center.

From the program:
• The political ambitions and goals of Horizon Europe
  Jean-Eric Paquet, Director General for Research and Innovation, European Commission
• Experiences from participation in the partnership Big data
  Jeanette Nilsson, Project manager, RISE
• The work of the advisory board of the European Innovation Council
  Fredrik Hörstedt, Vice President of Utilisation, Chalmers
• Panel discussion on driving forces and strategies for participation
  Ann-Charlotte Larsson, Vice Rector Internationalisation and Innovation, Linnaeus University
  Anders Caspár, Director External Relations, Ericsson
  Anders Carlberg, Head of Department Research, Development and Education, Region Västra Götaland

You can find the full program for the day under Program. Please note that parts of the program was held in Swedish.

The launch was broadcasted live February 10, 2021.

Information and contact
More information about Horizon Europe can be found at The European Commission website.

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